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Easy Read Nurse Fob Watches

As a nurse, either in the NHS or the private sector, you’ll understand how time management forms a valuable part of your day. Whether that’s knowing when you need to revisit a patient, using your watch to time breathing and count pulses, or just figuring out how long you have left on your shift. Either way, being a nurse is a very busy task and you need a watch to help with your day.

Nurses generally use a fob watch to keep a track of their day. Nurse fob watches are hung upside down from the pocket on your tunic or scrubs. The clock face is set upside so that a quick glimpse down allows you to see the time while on the move.

Why Buy Cheap Nurse Watches?

It sounds counterintuitive to buy a cheap watch for such a demanding job. However, the timepieces we have here at Simply Dazzle are of the best quality. You don’t want to get into work, where bodily fluids and other working practices in the health field, can potentially destroy your watch. This is why we have crafted a small yet elegant and high-quality collection of watches. Ranging from the plastic/rubber type right up to metal fob watches that can suit even the most stylish of nurses.

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Our selection of timepieces are all available with free delivery to anywhere in the UK. All you need to do is click the buy it now button and complete checkout. All of our products are delivered within 3-5 working days however, most of our watches are delivered before that.

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